18 Replacement Windows in Holyoke, MA

Replacement Windows in Holyoke

2 Days Start to finish, 18 replacement windows in Holyoke, Ma for this homeowner that followed with her 5 star review! Kara shares a real life window replacement story in Holyoke Massachusetts and it ends with a 5 Star review of Kubala Home Improvement. Kara bought a home that was built in the Paper City “Holyoke” in 1920. Which like the thousands of other homes in her city built in those times, had windows that were double hung, and relied on heavy cast iron window weights to open.

When Kara decided it was time to stop struggling with her old windows and replace 18 of those windows with modern day windows she called around. After meeting with and getting several quotes from window companies she chose Kubala Home Improvement.

She was shocked by how efficient, professional, and tidy the Kubala installers were. She even gave a five star review describing Kubala’s services from start to finish as friendly, fast, no hidden fees, and that she highly recommends calling Kubala Home Improvement for replacing your old windows and doors.

Some pictures with the old window weight structures, and the finished modern day windows that you can only get from Kubala Home Improvement here in Massachusetts.

Customer Review of 18 replacement windows in Holyoke, Ma

“Exceptional customer service start to finish. Extremely prompt and efficient and friendly. Our 18 new windows look fantastic and were installed start to finish in 2 days. No hidden fees – they’re very up front and the quote fee covered everything, including insulating the old pockets. They left everything tidy and complete, no additional work needed from us except to re-install the blinds. Highly recommend.” – Kara Nye

BEFORE Photos of 18 replacement windows in Holyoke, Ma

AFTER Photos of 18 replacement windows in Holyoke, Ma