Replacement Window Installation in Adams, MA

Replacement Window Installation in Adams, MA

Kubala recently completed a replacement window installation in Adams, MA at the home of Kimberly & Al and they are 100% satisfied. With all the crazy weather patterns that people in Adams, MA face like this year’s heaviest rainfall in July, Kimberly & Al decided it was time to remove and replace two large windows banks that were showing signs of wood rot from rain and bugs.

When they called Kubala Home Improvement to schedule a design consultation we were able to come out and see their property quickly. After a few minutes with Jon, one of our expert design consultants, Kimberly and Al made an on the spot decision to order up window replacement with us.

You can see in the images that the windows they chose are beautiful and fit well within their budget. With Jon’s help they were able to learn why these particular windows were ideal for their property and the amount of sunshine and weather that this wall received throughout the year’s weather cycles.

Just a short time after the contract was signed the new windows were ordered and the installation was completed. Which also resulted in a 5 star review and some very positive feedback from Kimberly and Al.

Our experience with Kubala Home Improvement was positive. The whole experience can be rated A+. From the initial sales to the installation of the windows, everything went as planned. We can’t say enough about the crew that installed our windows. They were just the best both professionally and personally. You won’t be disappointed in choosing Kubala for your home improvement needs. – Kim & Al Hogue

The before and after pictures show a significant improvement in the look and feel of the windows but what’s even more important is the energy saving and the structural improvements that will now keep this home secure from the critters and the weather for many years to follow.

Photos of Replacement Window Installation in Adams, MA