Whole House Window Replacement In Palmer, MA

window replacement in Palmer, MA

Kubala recently completed this whole house window replacement in Palmer, MA that ended with a 5 Star Guild Quality Review! A couple called Kubala Home Improvement to have a window replacement consultation in Palmer, MA. After Kubala’s design specialist, “Ben” spent the time needed to gather information and discuss options they were able to get the project kicked off without delay.

The process was very straightforward and started with a friendly walkabout in the house. In that time the choices of what’s important to the homeowner and the options that fit both the aesthetic and the benefits of the particular window features are detailed for pricing. In this case they chose to replace the windows throughout the entire house.

You’ll note the new windows and the ongoing improvements that this home is getting. But what you can’t see from the image is the amount of money saved in energy costs from having up to date windows in a home. These windows were installed without a hitch and the homeowners are able to check this project off their list as now they are moving forward with exterior painting and other improvements.

The quality of the windows and the work is exceptional. The team is very organized and most importantly on time.
– Adriana A. – Palmer, MA

Photos of whole house window replacement in Palmer, MA

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