Entryway & Window Replacement In Fiskdale, MA

Entryway & Window Replacement In Fiskdale, MA

Kubala recently did an entryway & window replacement in Fiskdale, MA for our new clients who felt it was time to get their doors & windows replaced. It all started when the clients became fed up with their hard to open windows, and old worn front door. The one client Allison began her search for a local company that could perform the replacements they needed, and after a very short search she had found the experts at Kubala. 

Once initial contact was made we sent out a technician to perform an estimate on the areas needing attention. After an estimate was made and a price was agreed upon, we got to work on Allison & Kens home. Our install team replaced their old creaky front door with a brand new beautiful front door and accompanying storm door. Along with the front door area, we also replaced their hard to open window with a new double pane window.

Like so many of our customers, the new clients, Allison & Ken shared their observations of our team from start to finish and were left 100% satisfied with their replacement. The clients even went as far as to leave us a 5 star review. We read these reviews with a critical eye and take note of the feedback that is being left by our customers. We take great pride when we see remarks such as, “did not try to up-sell us” and how instead we met the needs of our customers’ family and they let us know it.

You too can expect our design specialists to help you find the right doors and windows to suit your families needs. We make replacing doors and windows an easy experience for our customers and that’s why so many are 100% satisfied with not only the products but also the service that they received.

Please give us a call and book a “no up-selling” consultation and gain access to the right mix of why to choose one product over the other, how to finance a purchase that you didn’t plan for, and of course the best value for your money.

“They were very thorough from the beginning. Did not try to up-sell us, just explained the options and we chose which was best for our family. Came with all sorts of construction material to fix any issues we had structurally before putting on the new doors in (ie. rot from old doors). Workers were very professional and worked HARD each day they were here. Very pleased with the quality and service.”

-Ken & Alli

Photos of Entryway & Window Replacement In Fiskdale, MA